Best Of Modern Belly Dance

15 10 2010


[01]. Sahira
[02]. Raksel Hawanem (Ladies Dance)
[03]. Aliek Asaal (Asking for you)
[04]. Ameint Bellah (I believe in God)
[05]. Rajeeh Yetaamar (Built again)
[06]. Zafatel Arouss (Brides Wedding)
[07]. Abarret Elshatt (I crossed the Sea)
[08]. Kouly Sanhgam
[09]. Al Aien (On my Eyes)
[10]. Saiedeh (Happiest)

WAV (EAC Rip): 580 MB MP3 – 320 kbs: 140 MB Covers

Archives have 3% of the information for restoration

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

OR MP3 320 kbps

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