Арабско фламенко

15 10 2010
  • Flamenco Arabe 1

[01]. Al Quantara (The Bridge) [02]. Ahlam Ghernatah (Memories of Old Granada) [03]. Al Vuelo (Flying) [Bulerias for Taranto]  [04]. Rumbapa („Father of Rumba“) [05]. Ráfaga de Viento (Gust of Wind)
[06]. Kebrieaa Samet (Silent Pride)[Masmoudi] [07]. Amor Perdido (Lost Love)
[08]. Men el Belad (From Our Country) [Saidi] [09]. Zambra Por Nadejda (Zambra for Nadejda)
[10]. Silk Route Suite: Kathak [11]. Silk Route Suite: Egyptian [12]. Silk Route Suite: Sol y Sal (Sun and Salt) [Siguiriya] [13]. Silk Route Suite: Juntos (Together)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

OR MP3 320 kbps
Part 1 | Part 2

  • Flamenco Arabe 2

[01]. Caballo (Intro)[02]. Caballo (On Horseback) [03]. Awtar W’ Haneen (Strings and Longing)[04]. Nilo (Nile) [05]. Men Teeba l’ el Andalus (From Thebes to Andalusia)[06]. Casa de Barry (Intro)[07]. Casa de Barry (Barry’s House)[08]. Sahret Ghawazy (Gypsy Night of Celebration)[09]. Arena (Sand) [10]. Hombre y el Saidi (Intro) [11]. Hombre y el Saidi (The Macho Man, The Saidi) [12]. Pensando en Ti (Thinking of You) [13]. Amil [14]. Trompetta (Baby Trumpet)

Part One
Part Two

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